Ever Wonder What Fits in One Rail Car?
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Get a Glimpse at 54 Tons

What does freight rail ship for you? Probably more than you think.

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Hit the Road with Freight Rail

Railroads see the 30,000 parts hidden between four wheels, and a supply chain that delivers millions of autos to car dealerships every year.

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Four Rail Cars. Loads of Possibilities.

The foundation of modern American cities and towns — and the infrastructure we use to travel between them — wouldn’t exist without freight rail.

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Freight Rail & Whirlpool

It takes a lot of muscle to move 36-football fields worth of home appliances, which is why the Whirlpool Corporation relies on freight rail.

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5 Innovations that Have Strengthened Railroads’ Muscle

Thanks to innovations like these, freight rail helps carry the weight of the American economy and continue to prepare for future demand.

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A Blueprint for Economic Prosperity

Market-based solutions, not regulation, can make America more prosperous. Freight railroads are proof.

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Helping America Compete – And Win

American freight rail rates are lower than those in China, Germany and Japan.

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How Freight Rail Is Safer Than Ever

Modern railroads are employing cutting edge technologies to make America’s freight rail network safer than ever before.

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