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America flexes its muscle through trade

Trade supports 40 million U.S. jobs. One in four manufacturing jobs depends on exporting goods. And it wouldn’t be possible without freight rail.

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How freight rail drives economic growth

Learn how freight railroads spurred $274 billion in economic activity, supported 1.5 million jobs and improved life in towns across the nation.

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The Growth of Intermodal

Continued innovation in the U.S. intermodal rail network reduces shipping costs, delivery time and congestion on our nation’s roadways.

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Intermodal Fuels the Economy

Intermodal shipping makes U.S. businesses more competitive in the global economy and freight rail plays an integral role in the process.

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5 Innovations that Have Strengthened Railroads’ Muscle

Thanks to innovations like these, freight rail helps carry the weight of the American economy and continue to prepare for future demand.

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Ever Wonder What Fits in One Rail Car?

Freight rail moves a staggering volume of goods anually. Take a closer look to understand the industry’s full impact

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The Power of Privately Funded Freight Rail

Washington can help freight rail continue its historic success record and the private investment that benefits all Americans.

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High Tech Safety

Modern railroads are employing cutting edge technologies to make America’s freight rail network safer than ever before.

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