5 Innovations that Have Strengthened Railroads’ Muscle
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How Railroads Support the U.S. Military

Railroads have been a vital partner in U.S. military operations for more than 200 years, from transporting troops and supplies […]

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Innovation: The Story Behind Railroad Safety

The sweeping reduction in freight rail accidents and injuries is a direct result of the industry’s rigorous commitment to innovation.

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Freight Rail: A (Surprisingly) High-Tech Industry

When you think of ultrasonic detection analysis, Big Data or drones, America’s freight railroads might not spring to mind. But they should.

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Building a Smarter Network

Railroads have harnessed the power of information to build the safest and most efficient rail network in the world.

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Ever Wonder What Fits in One Rail Car?

Freight rail moves a staggering volume of goods anually. Take a closer look to understand the industry’s full impact

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The Power of Privately Funded Freight Rail

Washington can help freight rail continue its historic success record and the private investment that benefits all Americans.

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Helping America Compete – And Win

American freight rail rates are lower than those in China, Germany and Japan.

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High Tech Safety

Modern railroads are employing cutting edge technologies to make America’s freight rail network safer than ever before.

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